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Custom Sun Protection with PROFILO! Premium Clip-ons

A plastic eyeglass frame fitted with custom PROFILO! Premium sunglass clip-ons.

An economical option: portable and convenient with seamless aesthetics. Learn more >

ZEISS Better Vision: Lens Fitting with i.Terminal 2

A female patient wearing a new frame is digitally measured by i.Terminal 2.

Precisely capturing more angles and lengths than is possible manually. Learn more >

Manage Visual Stress with Tinted Lenses by Opticalm

A man rubs his eyes while suffering from visual stress.

Wavy, doubled, or washed out vision? The solution is colour. Learn more >

Caring for Your Glasses

Water being poured on lenses coated with DuraVision Platinum.

Simple steps to take for clearer lenses and frame longevity. Learn more >

Transitions Lenses or Dedicated Sunglasses?

Transitions lenses in moderately tinted state.

The convenience of one pair of glasses, or the benefits of two? Learn more >

Low Vision Aid in the Digital Age: SmartLux by Eschenbach

Man reading newspaper using SmartLux Digital.

A video magnifier that meets the needs of today for when corrective lenses cannot. Learn more >