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Sunwear is essential not only for the obvious benefits of style and visual comfort, but also to protect your eyes against the Sun’s harmful UV rays. Quality sunwear with 100% UV protection will improve your vision while enjoying the outdoors or driving and is an important part of promoting overall eye health.


Dedicated sunglasses provide optimal comfort and style while protecting your eyes from the sun. Our large selection of high quality sunglasses from international designers spans countless materials, shapes, and colours. Your optical prescription and the lenses that you are accustomed to can be made into sunglasses to match the everyday glasses you already love.


Clip-on sunglasses attach to your existing prescription glasses to provide removable sun protection without the necessity of another full frame. Similar shapes to your optical frame are available, or custom precision-cut clip-ons can be manufactured for a completely coherent aesthetic.


Fitovers sunglasses slide over and sit on your existing glasses instead of attaching to them as do clip-ons, providing convenient sun protection that can be easily removed and replaced quickly.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic coatings (such as Transitions®) applied to your everyday glasses activate with the Sun’s UV rays, darkening your lenses appropriately in seconds for the brightness conditions you are in. Upon returning indoors, the lenses return to clear for regular use, providing a seamless experience with just one pair of glasses.