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Presenting House Collection Klein 1991

Klein Optical presents our house collection of lifestyle eyewear, Klein 1991. Named after the year we first opened our doors, the label is a reflection of the quality and workmanship that we continue to harness as we look towards the future of design.

Woman wearing Klein 1991 Gina plastic eyeglass frames in tortoise/red.
Woman wearing Klein 1991 Dagobert plastic eyeglass frames in black/purple.
Woman wearing Klein 1991 Giorgia plastic eyeglass frames in crystal.

Handmade in Japan, Klein 1991 balances classic shapes with modern refinements, simple yet bold colourways, and minimalist cues. Styles span both eyeglass and sunglass models.

Woman wearing Klein 1991 Anthony plastic eyeglass frames in classic tortoise.
Woman wearing Klein 1991 Isabella metal eyeglass frames in brown marble.
Woman wearing Klein 1991 Ivy metal eyeglass frames in classic tortoise.

Thoughtful design techniques ensure all-day comfort, without compromising aesthetics. Premium materials such as acetate and titanium provide structural integrity while shedding artistic limitations and maintaining a lightweight construction.

Woman wearing Klein 1991 Fran plastic sunglass frames in butterscotch.
Woman wearing Klein 1991 Jacky plastic sunglass frames in rose.

Available exclusively at Klein Optical. Drop by or get in touch to find out more and explore the full Klein 1991 range, including additional colour options.

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