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Eyewear by Bellinger Leaves a Lasting Impression

Founded in Denmark in 2003, Bellinger’s ambition to design high quality eyewear for those who like to stand out remains clear well over a decade later. Through shape, detail, material, and edging, the collection showcases a sense of something new and unique: bright hues with personality.

Woman wearing Bellinger Sand-1 metal eyeglasses in purple.
Woman wearing Bellinger Cello metal and plastic eyeglasses in purple pattern.
Woman wearing Bellinger Nova plastic eyeglasses in red.

The brand’s core traits of colour and passion are revealed in inspired pieces that combine up to five smooth acetates to achieve their appearance. Cohesive, eye-catching palettes and crystal transparent portions result in unique patterns that manage both contrast and balance.

Woman wearing Bellinger Nova plastic eyeglasses in grey/solar red.
Woman wearing Goldline-4 metal eyeglasses in black/gold.
Woman wearing Bellinger Nova plastic eyeglasses in grey/solar red.

Other models constructed in durable, lightweight titanium paste the designer’s signature glossy textures around the lens over a simple, matte base. Composed and casual meets just enough vibrancy for a sleek yet thought-provoking aesthetic. Taking great pride in designing each frame, Bellinger aspires to that make each face look its best.

Playful, professional, or somewhere in between. Raw energy that inspires innovation from Bellinger, available at authorized retailer Klein Optical. Drop by or get in touch to find out more, including current stock and additional colour options.

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